Did you know 20% of Los Angeles community college students are homeless and nearly two-thirds are food insecure? Across the country, the number of homeless students is 14%. Shocking?? I think so!

'Shiny Little Blessings' is helping one student at a time.

Meet Jaslyn:

★ Jaslyn is 21 years old
★ Jaslyn has been homeless for 4 years
★ Jaslyn came from a broken home
★ Jaslyn is in her final year at Cal State Dominguez Hills with a double major in dance and Sociology
★ Jaslyn is working two jobs while going to school
★ Jaslyns' Dreams & Passions: dance, becoming a marriage and family counselor.
★ What Jaslyn needs the most: a place to take a daily shower, food, a roof over her head, a car.

   With the purchase of ONE of our 'Let your dreams take flight' necklaces at https://www.etsy.com/listing/554784785 , Jaslyn will be able to take a shower every day for an ENTIRE month.   

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With much love,
~ Sabine

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