Last weekend I had the great pleasure to join A Sense of Home (a non-profit organization that provides homes, support and LOVE to kids that have outgrown the foster care system) when they handed over another beautiful home to a young girl named Kristy. It is an amazing (because and l am so proud to support this organization.

A Sense of Home (ASOH) changes the lives of foster youth who’ve “aged out” of the foster care system by creating homes for them. Using donated furniture and housewares, volunteers work with the youth to help them realize their own sense of home 7 often for the first time, in the process, helping them achieve self sufficiency.

You can read more about A Sense of Home at

I designed Jewelry for A Sense of Home that I will donate to each kid who receives a new home. Also, when you use referral code’ ASOH’ during checkout 10% of all proceeds go to A Sense of Home.

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  1. Kurawela

    Fantastic purchase!

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