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The Vintage Spoon Collection

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hand crafted vintage spoons with words that inspire and help transition families out of homelessness.

I am so excited to share the great news with you:
Our 'Vintage Spoon Collection' is now finally up for sale on our website!! 
You can find it at…/vintage-spoon-collection . It's been in the makings for over a year and it has been a labor of love and great passion of mine.


The homeless issue is a very personal one for me that is near and dear to my heart. I will elaborate on this in days to come.


Handcrafted with Love in our studio in Los Angeles, CA.
Each vintage spoon is unique and is between 50 and 100 years old. We flatten and forge these beautiful spoons and you can choose your inspirational word and chain style. As always, at Shiny Little Blessings, we make things personal and meaningful!! 15% of the proceeds go to 'Family Promise' - a non-profit organization we have partnered up with that helps families transition out of homelessness.


'Family Promise' has a holistic approach to getting homeless families back on their feet - by engaging local communities, they offer resources, shelter, support and services.


The spoons symbolize feeding or nourishing/nurturing. However, it is not just about food. It is about feeding and nurturing body, mind and soul. That is why I was looking for an organization that had the holistic approach to helping the homeless versus 'just' handing out sandwiches. The real solution to the increasing homeless issue, in my opinion, lies in helping people to get back on their own two feet.


With much love and gratitude! 

~ Sabine xoxo