Jewelry With A Cause

Jewelry With A Cause

Count your blessings. Stay humble. Give back.

I created a company that’s about giving. Giving unique and custom created pieces of jewelry to those you love, giving your time back to your community, and especially giving to those who have fallen and who are having a hard time getting back up. I think a lot about those who need help and most importantly, a little love and encouragement which is why I created the 'Collections with a Cause' jewelry line, where a percentage of the proceeds go to the causes with partner up with.

My Mission & Vision

'Sabine Schoepke Designs' is the social entrepreneur in me that fulfills my Philanthropic desire. My vision for 'Collections with a Cause', is to create beautiful handcrafted pieces of jewelry with the mission of addressing social problems, effecting social change, and educating consumers through the stories that come with these items.

My hope is to create a global shift through partnering with like-minded organizations and passionate individuals who want to radically change the world for the better.

Our Collections

Vintage Spoon Collection

The Vintage Spoon Collection

Hand crafted vintage spoons with words that inspire and help transition families out of homelessness.
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At Shiny Little Blessings, we make things personal and meaningful!! 
15% of the proceeds of 'The Vintage Spoon Collection' go to 'Family Promise' - an organization we have partnered up with that helps families transition out of homelessness.

'Family Promise' has a holistic approach to getting homeless families back on their feet - by engaging local communities, they offer resources, shelter, support and services. 

The spoons symbolize feeding, nourishing, and nurturing. It is not just about food. It is about feeding and nurturing body, mind and soul. Because of their holistic approach to helping  the homeless, 'Family Promise' is a perfect fit for us.

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Have a cause that is close to your heart?

Sabine Schoepke Designs is a social entrepreneur with the aim of addressing social problems and effecting social change by selling handcrafted products and educating consumers thru the stories that come with those products. We do so by partnering up with individuals, local and national charities. 15% of the proceeds benefit your cause.

We want to hear about your cause.

Please contact us at -- join our community and let us tell your story! So looking forward to hearing from you!!

xoxo Sabine