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Just for You and Yours...

Private events are just for your group only!
Get your girl friends together, bachelorette party or birthday celebration on
with an event where you have full control. Each person gets to make their very
own and unique piece of jewelry. Bring your wine and select your favorite tunes.


Call 1-877-923-3479 to set up your next private event!


$400 for the first 8 people.
No minimum headcount required to have a party, but the minimum charge will be for 8 people, even if you have less.
What's included:
A sterling silver necklace and custom engraved pendant is included, plus the instructor. You will go home with a uniquely yours piece of jewelry.
Additional jewelry / components can be added at an additional cost. 
Age requirements:
Must be 12+ (minors must be accompanied by an adult)
What to bring:
Bring your own snacks and wine for a $10 corkage fee for 750ml bottle
(must be 21+ for wine consumption).


Have a much smaller group? ...ask us about Group Rates.


General discounts, vouchers, certificates, gift cards, ...etc.
do not apply to this event.


The Process:

'Shiny Little Blessings' brings people together to turn emotions - love, sorrow, compassion, pride and passion –

into an artistic creation of jewelry. Each piece celebrates the blessings in our lives and therefore tells a little bit of a life story.

It is a reminder of how amazing and precious life is.

From exciting new beginnings (a new baby or a wedding) to great achievements

(a graduation, an anniversary or a marathon) to unimaginable losses (like losing a child).


I will work with YOU to custom design and craft YOUR piece of jewelry.

 Like the good old days, we will start from scratch with raw components,

like sheets of silver, and you will explore the beautiful world of jewelry craftsmanship.

We will get your creative juices flowing and at the end, the experience

will leave you with a one-of-a-kind piece that you can then lovingly gift

to the one you love or wear close to your own heart.