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Gift Tip: The Power of a Handwritten Note

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Gift Tip #4: The Power of a Handwritten Note

I regularly come home to find a handwritten note on my dining room table, the hallway floor or my nightstand. These are thoughtful little notes, not from my boyfriend, but from my incredible daughter who leaves those for me whenever she comes to my place to pick something up while I am not there - planning ahead and staying organized in two households apparently is a huge challenge for a 14 year old. So there are lots of unexpected visits. Daily!! 😀
Coming home to these love notes is a gift for me. It is the sweetest reminder of what life and love is all about and how incredibly blessed I am.

So leave a little handwritten note or a lipstick kiss for the one you love. Say it the old fashioned way on a piece of paper. On their nightstand, the bathroom mirror or their lunchbox.

Surprise and delight them!! ❤