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Our Founder

Artisan and Founder

Shiny Little Blessings Founder Sabine Schoepke knows quite a bit about second starts and having to rely on the encouragement and kindness of others to start anew.

“After a painful period in my family’s life, where we had lost everything, I created Shiny Little Blessings with $300 in 2010.”

Sabine’s dream to craft jewelry with heart, jewelry that speaks and reflects the lives of people everywhere has become a remarkable reality.

“Shiny Little Blessings began as a way to express myself, my awakened love and joy for life, a way to celebrate the blessings in my life.”

An accomplished and passionate artisan, Sabine handcrafted jewelry as gifts of love and encouragement for family and friends. The response was so overwhelming, Sabine began to envision a studio where affordable high quality jewelry could be created in a workplace for women that put family first. 

"Our Jewelry is personal, meaningful, and gives back."

​​Over 55,000 pieces of jewelry have been handcrafted since 2010, reflecting the enthusiastic response of customers who share Sabine’s passion, gifting loved ones with original pieces of jewelry that are beautiful as well as intimate.​​

“Our jewelry is intensely personal, each piece tells our customers’ life stories. Stories of love, loss, compassion, achievements and celebrations. I feel so blessed to contribute to so many people’s lives all over the world.”

Collections with A Cause

Always an active mom and passionate artisan, Sabine now gives back to those who need assistance.

“I was searching for a way to give back to local families who need help. And I partnered up with “Family Promise of the South Bay” by offering original handcrafted jewelry that will contribute in a significant way.”

Family Promise is a non-profit organization that moves families from homelessness to sustainable independence.

Jewelry with a Cause reflects the true essence of Shiny Little Blessings. The authenticity and care that is crafted into each piece speaks to the heart of the company and its founder, whose dream has always been to give back in an intimate and profound way.

“We design jewelry that speaks from the heart. And hopefully we’ve created an experience for the giver as well as the recipient, that they both can enjoy their part in impacting families through sharing unique jewelry that speaks and breathes meaning.”